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Malaysia Floor @ LSE

Dear LSE Alumni,

As you are aware, we had launched the Malaysia Floor@LSE initiative in August last year with the objective of raising GBP 500,000 for the exclusive naming rights on the top most floor of the new academic building as the MALAYSIA FLOOR

The benefits include the right to showcase the best of Malaysia in terms of memorabilia, arts, crafts, news, in this floor where a majority of meeting rooms and an open air event area are located, with guaranteed heavy footfall. 

We will also be accorded the benefit of an annual Malaysia Lecture where a distinguished Malaysian will deliver a lecture at the LSE. Your committee is also working on a programme where members of LSEASM can make an annual trip at special rates to attend the annual Malaysia Lecture.

Thanks to our alumni, we have raised more than GBP400,000 thus far.  We are still in negotiations with corporate sponsors and alumni for the balance.

In keeping with the nationalistic vibes and feel good factor having just celebrated our 62nd independence day, I would like to call upon the LSE Alumni to help push us across the finish line and contribute to the Malaysia Floor@LSE fundraising initiative.

Once we have crossed the GBP500,000 mark, the Committee plans to continue the fundraising in the form of an Endowment Fund which may be used to provide scholarships for deserving Malaysians to further their studies at LSE.

No amount is considered too small, each ringgit or pound sterling is highly valued and most welcome.

The following attachments are on details for banking in your contribution, as well as photos of the work currently in progress at the LSE.

Please send me a personal message once you have made payment so that I can keep a daily running tally of where we stand. (You can email

I sincerely hope that we can cross the GBP500,000 mark before Malaysia Day on this 16th September.

Thank you in advance.....let's make Malaysia GREAT-ER.....

Dato' Azman Shah Mohd Yusof


LSE Alumni Society of Malaysia


Updates: Malaysia Floor @ LSE

As at 31 August 2019, we have raised GBP 407,590. We need another GBP 92,410 to secure the naming rights.

The floor contains 5 meeting rooms, with an open plan area in the middle and an adjoining corridor leading to a roof terrace. The 12th floor is a space available to the whole School community and will have a much higher footfall than an academic Department floor. The roof terrace will also be used for events. Meeting space at LSE is a premium so these spaces will be in constant use. A fitting place to showcase all that’s good about Malaysia!


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